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We’re proud to say that we’re one of the leading providers of medical instruments and supplies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About Us

Having been established in 2011, Global Bases Medical Supplies provides highly developed, revolutionary healthcare technology solutions to leading hospitals, clinics, medical centers and healthcare institutions in Saudi Arabia. 

As a leading medical equipment provider, we strive to always be mindful of what people are going through, and to do our best to make their health conditions more bearable. We aim to build a trusting, long-lasting relationship with our customers, and vow to always deliver the utmost pre and post-sales service. 

Mission and Vision

Needless to say, we are completely aware that pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a necessity, and everyone should be able to afford it. So, because health always comes first, our purpose is and has always been to provide patients and healthcare centers with the needed access to affordable and innovative medical instruments. 

We envision a future nothing short of optimal safety and great health. Global Bases Medical Supplies in Saudi Arabia is providing comprehensive range, state-of-the-art healthcare technology solutions and supplies to the leading hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutes. We are proud to be a contributor in making patients’ medical situations as convenient as possible. 

How we Started

Global Bases Medical Supplies first started as a single corporation in 2011. Over the years, GBMS collaborated with many different companies, including Makamat, and ever since the massive boom in the medical equipment sector in the region, Makamat decided to join GBMS. Soon after that, GBMS became one of the leading providers of medical equipment in the region and the healthcare arm of Makamat. 

Our Values



Commitment to always be the support our patients need and offer the resources required for a better quality of life


Adherence to all guidelines

Adherence to any local and international guidelines related to at-home healthcare


Delivering advance Technologies

Always delivering the most advanced technologies

We Believe

We strongly believe that good health will always remain the number one priority. Losing it affects your life, your progress, and your mental well-being, which is why we will always care for patients and provide them with second-to-none equipment that will help ease their lives. 

Our Capabilities

We bring forth the best-suited medical instruments and machinery for surgical and critical care, non-invasive cardiology and electrophysiology, oncology, refurbish ultrasound and cardiac surgery. 

To top it off, we are also looking to develop our brand new nursing team soon. Therefore, not only will we provide the needed medical equipment and supplies, but we will also be able to provide the necessary care and support for at-home patients. 

Our Achievements


Provided care and support to more than 1500 patients


Rapidly expanding to new areas every year


Collaboration with MOH and Nupco Supplier

Our Partners Trust Us

Loyal & Satisfied Clients

Let us help you. We would be delighted to have you as a partner.